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Residential Services

Residential solar has always been a positive for the environment. In Utah it is also beginning to make good sense for the home owner. Is your home really a good candidate for solar panels? Factors to consider include: siting and shading from surrounding mountains, buildings and trees, roof design and condition, your own electric usage patterns, and (of course) cost. Solar panels add resale value to your home, and the best residential solar sites in the Salt Lake area already offer reasonable long term returns on investment through savings on your taxes and electric bill. Other sites may never pay for themselves. Our solar consultant will let you know what to expect. See our Residential Solar Tips page for more information. Please let us know if you have any questions. We are happy to answer your online questions (as best we can) without charge. If you would like a free preliminary on-line evaluation, please use our Contact Form to send us your e-mail, street address and average monthly electric bill. We will reply to your request, but further contact is up to you. We will not share your contact info. You may also request an on-site evaluation, including roof design and condition, electrical system condition and specific siting concerns in the Salt Lake Valley, and we can provide a basic financial report for a nominal fee. This will provide you with a very useful tool that you can use to evaluate the estimates provided by system installers. In order to represent you and to protect your privacy, we do not recommend contractors to clients, or clients to contractors.