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Services for public-sector entities

Because government entities are not eligible for some of the most important tax incentives currently available, it is particularly important that they plan projects carefully. Alternative financing options like power purchase agreements (PPAs) can help schools, cities and counties utilize tax incentives, but they present additional costs and risks. The  projections for these arrangements are not always based on assumptions that the client would find reasonable. Our estimates are unbiased, and consider associated risks.
  • We provide unbiased LCOE and return-on-investment estimates.
  • We can evaluate available financing and incentive options for their effects on system cost and your ultimate return-on-investment.
  • We can evaluate siting and system connection locations for the best return-on-investment.
  • We can work closely with your finance department, providing them with the best available assumption inputs for their calculations.
  • We understand that there is more to an environmental project than finance, and our team is careful to consider all of your goals.
  • Technical advocacy: Large projects sometimes encounter approval or even regulatory hurdles. While the laws governing interconnection are usually clear, the financial implications for ratepayers are usually not. It is our opinion that projects that can be shown to benefit all parties are likely to be approved.