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Commercial Services


Commercial Solar Consulting

We can provide a number of services that will help you to determine the viability of a commercial solar installation.
  • Realistic assessment of the solar potential at your site: Latitude, altitude, weather patterns, site shading and connection availability all affect the generation potential of your system.
  • Unbiased valuation of solar power at your site and using  your electric rate structure: Depending upon your rate structure and demand patterns, the financial benefits of solar power are not always justifiable. Standard LCOE estimates are not generally applicable to rate structures with significant demand charge components. P50 and P90 annual estimates can be made for most locations, and 24 x 12 generation tables can be matched with demand histories for demand contribution estimates.
  • Custom scenario-building support: We can provide your financial department with the data they need for the financial evaluation of various alternatives.
  • Review and comparison of proposal assumptions and variables: We can help you evaluate and compare the assumptions behind contractor bids. The assumptions used by developers for the power produced by systems, and for the resulting savings, vary widely.